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Free Energy Survey

To size the heat pump correctly for your property, a full, room-by-room heat loss survey needs to be undertaken, as defined in the MCS installer standards. offers these surveys free of charge. These appointments usually take around an hour, although larger properties may take longer to measure up.

What Will We Do at a Heat Loss Survey?  

This involves looking at each room, identifying the dimensions, insulation, windows and the existing form(s) of heating.

In some cases, this may indicate necessary improvements to make your property suitable for air source, such as loft insulation, cavity wall insulation or increasing the size of radiators. We can arrange for any of this to be undertaken as part of your install.

Another Company Gave Me A Quote Instantly: Why Don’t You?


We are aware that some of our competitors are not undertaking full heat loss surveys until they have had some form of commitment from you to go ahead with an install. This is largely due to the effort involved in measuring up each room of your house, and the subsequent admin work.

Speaking from vast experience, we can assure you that quoting based on estimations, or utilising online calculators, will often lead to under or over-sizing heat pump quotations. This can create unnecessary, unrealistic expectations for our customers.

Having worked closely alongside Mitsubishi to perfect the quotation and install process; we both feel that this is the necessary format, providing accurate information to inform what is a very important decision on a significant investment in your home.

Quotation and Predicted Generation Figures

Having identified the correct size of heat pump for your property, we will supply you with a full quotation, also detailing how much you will receive in Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments. 

It will also give an indication as to how much you will save using renewable energy in comparison to your previous source of heating.

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