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Renewable Heat Incentive

Under the RHI scheme you will be paid, on a quarterly basis, for every kWh of energy you produce. 

There are seperate RHIs for business and homeowners.

Increased Government Funding for Air Source Heat Pumps

As of April 2017, the Government are making commitment to supporting environmentally friendly heating systems.  Please see the new rates below. Book your free energy survey to get the ball rolling and to secure your additional funding.

Domestic RHI

Payments for homeowners are guaranteed for 7 years, and you can receive separate payments for each system you have installed. The current rates are outlined below, and these amounts will rise with inflation.

Non-Domestic RHI

Commercial renewable heating offers large savings, and extended payments guaranteed for 20 years. The rates area dependent on the size of system your property will need, please speak to our team for more details.