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Replacing your oil boiler

If you are replacing an old oil-powered-boiler, or pricing up an upgrade of your oil-fired heating system, air source heat pumps offer a more efficient, cost-effective and cleaner alternative.

According to figures from the Energy Saving Trust, Air Source Heat Pumps offer the following financial incentives over oil-powered heating:

  • Save upto £170 on fuel costs each year
  • Earn upto £1,500 with the Renewable Heat Incentive each year
Whilst Kerosene (28 second oil) or Gas oil (35 second oil) are comparatively low-cost fuels, the market for oil is unregulated and therefore spikes in demand and/ or decreasing future supplies will leave you vulnerable to price hikes – meaning this £170 saving is expected to significantly increase in years to come.
In addition, the need to deliver oil by road comes with the risk of running out whilst waiting for your next delivery. This is not a concern whilst using cleaner, renewable technologies; utilising readily available heat energy from the air to warm your home, and saving upto 4.8 tonnes in harmful CO2 emissions each year!

Green Technology

Air source heat pumps convert heat energy from the air to provide heat and hot water for dwellings. They run on electricity, but are incredibly efficient (in some cases 300% or more), which means that for every one unit of electricity used, they produce 3 units of useful heat.

If you compare that to a brand new boiler which is 90% efficient (1 unit of gas produces 0.9 units of useful heat), you can quickly see why these systems are so popular. In fact, if you don’t have access to mains gas, heat pumps are definitely the way to go to fulfil your heating and hot water requirements – provided you have a well insulated home, which is discussed later.