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The Technology


Ambient heating


Ground source heat pumps work well with all heating systems including radiators and underfloor, and provide hot water to 65°C, as well as cooling capabilities.

To get the most efficient operation from a ground source heat pump it is important that the outlet temperature is kept as low as possible, this lends itself to underfloor heating distribution systems. When used in conjunction with these, efficiencies of up to 400% can be achieved.

Radiator systems can be used however due to the higher temperatures required the efficiency will drop to approximately 300%. Radiator systems would also need to be oversized as the maximum continuous temperature from a heat pump is generally around 50°C.

Hot water demand

APS Energy Solutions use Kensa ground source heat pumps which feature hot water production on request, capable of delivering hot water to a comfortable 55°C.

Where there is an exceptional hot water demand, High Temperature models are available to deliver hot water to 65°C.

Read more about Kensa’s innovative solution to immersion heaters & thermostats using the ‘Read more’ link below.

Cooling solution

Ground source heat pumps can operate in reverse-cycle mode providing chilled water to cool a building. 

This operates much in the same way to a chiller.