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The Shoebox: The perfect fit for new build social housing

APS Energy Solutions offer the Kensa Shoebox ground source heat pumps which are perfect for district heating schemes in new build social housing developments, providing independent heat & hot water.

Perfect with micro heat networks (also known as district heating schemes), the unique Shoebox heat pump works in all new build developments, where the excellent fabric insulation and air tightness specifications means the peak heating load is very modest.

The Shoebox Range of ground source heat pumps are the first of their kind, permitting the installation of a ground source heat pump inside a dwelling.

Before the launch of Kensa’s Shoebox heat pump, mutli-occupancy developments were unable to benefit from ground source technology due to sizing and specification issues. The Shoebox introduces a new opportunity for social housing providers looking to develop multi-occupancy dwellings, to benefit from a renewable technology that provides immediate and long term savings.

Connect to the Non-Domestic RHI with a micro heat network scheme & the Shoebox

By linking individual Shoebox heat pumps to a communal array, designers can introduce a diversity factor which reduces overall borehole depth, and enhances the overall system integrity by effectively safeguarding the energy source to any single ‘high demand’ property. In addition, costs are also reduced because most designs can feature a reduced number of deeper holes making the drilling task considerably more straightforward.

And to make life even easier, as there is no central heat generation (the “district” is formed simply by the communal ground array), Kensa’s micro heat network system architecture negates any compliance with the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014.

Heat network schemes in new build social houses

Kensa’s products and innovative heat network (district heating), schemeremoves common issues of district schemes:

  • Individual heating and control
  • No need for a separate plantroom
  • No need to split bills
  • No heat losses in pipework, improving the system efficiency
  • Exempt from the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014

Heat network schemes, (also known as district heating schemeS), in new build social housing developments provide unique access to the Non-Domestic RHI, providing returns for Housing Association’s over 20 years.

Historically heat network systems were viewed as problematic with respect to split-bill issues and varying heat demands. Indeed the introduction of the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014 have placed even more pressure and compliance on Housing Associations. Kensa have identified and resolved this imperfection and pioneered the development of a new system architecture for ground source heat pumps known as ‘micro ground source heat networks’.

With district heating schemes permissable for just 2 or more properties, as confirmed by Ofgem, your next new build development could be a very lucrative project for you and your tenants.